All round success for Banana Station at Beef Week 2018

Wilsons win at Beef Week

Building on the successes at previous Beef Australia Events, the Wilson family’s Banana Station has dominated the Steer Classes at the Beef 2018 Commercial Cattle Championships and backed this up with wins in the Stud Cattle Judging, all this on top of the Restaurant awards their Waterline Restaurant received in the Beef Australia Restaurant Awards for Excellence.

Winning prizes in five different classes at the Commercial Cattle Championships, including the overall Champion Pen of Grainfed Steers is an incredible achievement in a yarding of over 2000 head of the best commercial cattle Australia has to offer.

Banana Station won the two heavy steer classes from a field of 680 head of cattle, one being the Champion pen of red Brahmans and one with a pen of black Limousin Brahman cross steers.

Mark Wilson, is the fifth generation since 1864 of Wilsons’ producing award-winning beef in Central Queensland, following in the footsteps of his father Richard who is known for his innovation in beef cattle production.

Mark, with wife Belinda and children Georgia, Layla and Walter operate the Banana Station properties in Central Queensland, producing a mixture of grain and grassfed cattle.

“I would be pleased to just win a ribbon” said Mark Wilson of Banana Station when humbly surveying the livestock before the winners were announced “the quality of the yarding is better than we have seen at Beef Australia before,” Mr Wilson said.

Anastasia Fanning, General Manager of the Australian Brahman Breeders Association was one of the first to congratulate the Wilson Family.

“The beef industry should be proud,” said Ms Fanning. “Banana Station presented a solid even line of Brahmans, in a very even yarding of commercial cattle.”

“We are certainly pleased to see Banana Station doing so well with their Brahman herd. The Brahman breed has been the cornerstone of the cattle industry in Central Queensland for many years. We are pleased to see the breed so well represented in the Commercial Cattle Championships.”

Family patriarch Richard Wilson puts the wins and achievements down to the words of his favourite saying, ‘Just like bananas, it’s under the skin that counts!’

The cattle presented by Banana Station included Red Brahmans Steers and black Limousin Brahman crosses, which have been carefully bred for optimum carcase yield.

As a sixth-generation grazier, Walter, aged 15 has launched a stud cattle enterprise in his own right, breeding primarily Red Brahmans.

Despite his young age, Walter competes in the open classes against the best stud cattle in Australia, and at Beef 2018 he won the Junior Champion Brahman Bull with his Red Brahman ‘Banana Station Manly.’

‘Manly’ has caused much interest from cattlemen at Beef Week, and promises to have a strong future, as does Walter showing such initiative at a young age.

Not content with producing award-winning cattle, the fifth generation Wilson siblings Mark Wilson, Libbie Donohue and Kylie Smith work closely to provide a truly unique, local and memorable paddock to plate dining experience where their family owned Waterline Restaurant at Keppel Bay Marina, serves their own Banana Station Beef.

General Manager of the Wilson’s Keppel Bay Marina development and the Waterline Restaurant Kylie Smith says being able to have the pleasure of marketing the family’s Banana Station beef is her passion.

“We are in a unique location. To our east we have the best local seafood and to our west, our family is producing the best beef cattle in Australia! It is our pleasure and my passion to combine the two for a truly local dining experience for our guests.

“We like to say, this is where the reef meets the beef,” Ms Smith said.

The Waterline Restaurant won, for the third time in as many Beef Week Australia events, the Best Beef Signature Dish, plus awards for Best Low and Slow and Best Steak.

You can experience these Banana Station Beef Degustation menu dishes at the popular Keppel Bay Marina restaurant all week. An experience not to be missed while visiting the region for Beef Week Australia 2018.

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