Pet Friendly Dining

In consultation with Rockhampton Regional Council, The Waterline is pleased to introduce PET FRIENDLY DINING. A special PET FRIENDLY DINING area is located on the eastern side of the al fresco dining area (please refer to maps on display). It is a requirement of all pet owners to ensure their pet remains exclusively within this dining area, and PET ETIQUETTE RULES are complied with at all times.

The pet friendly dining tables are for guests WITH PETS ONLY. Our staff are not allowed to serve food to these tables – please order your meal as usual and we will notify you when it is ready to be collected from the counter.

Please advise our staff BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER, if you have a pet with you.


These pet etiquette rules must be abided by at all times and without exception. If pet owners do not abide by these rules, we will not be allowed to continue with our pet friendly dining area.

• pets are only allowed at the designated pet friendly tables
• pets must be kept on a lead at all times
• other than the designated pet area, pets access is only via the footpath (do not cut through al fresco dining areas on arrival and departure)
• pets must not be fed with restaurant cutlery or crockery (please ask for a single use container for water)
• pets must be under the owners control at all times
• pets must not be allowed to urinate or leave doggy doo on the lawn
• pets must not create a disturbance to other diners
• Pets are not to be groomed at the tables.
• owners must be considerate of other patrons who may not be animal lovers

We thank you in advance for your compliance to these rules and hope that it enhances your dining experience at The Waterline.